Disinfection and Ozonation Protocol.


1. Before starting the cleaning and putting on the PPE, you should wash your hands properly.

2. All our employees are qualified to carry out the service and will wear the required PPE (respiratory mask, protective gloves and isolation gown).

3. All decorative objects that may decrease the accessibility and effectiveness of cleaning will be removed.

4. To clean the surfaces, it will be sprayed with Hydrogen Peroxide, to achieve a complete disinfection.

5. We will make sure that the bin is covered and that all the material is thrown away after a single use. Similarly, the garbage bag must be closed tightly before leaving the apartment.

6. There will be daily ventilation / aeration of the apartment, after the departure of a guest and during cleaning.

7. We always use bactericidal / virucidal products to guarantee a complete cleaning of the home, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health (Royal Decree 436/2020) and in compliance with the UNE-EN-14476 standard: Hydrogen Peroxide and Cleaner with chloride of Bentalconium.

8. After disinfection, the house will be sanitized with an approved Ozone dispenser to reactivate the space.